I made the effort of getting up a bit early today and it really helped me finish a lot of pending chores and reading. I started by cleaning my dad’s old Norwich War Ship which hasn’t been touched for over 3 years. I must say, it was a real task cleaning every nook and corner of the ship, but it was also an extremely meditative experience. Sometimes we need to take time out of our busy lives and focus on the smaller details. Finally seeing a dust covered ship look brand new was very rewarding. 

After which I got down to reading the books that most inspire me. Harry Potter for Rowling’s extraordinary imagination, Kat Von D for her passion and convinction, The essential principles of graphic design for teaching me more than what I think I know about design and Steve Jobs for his life philosophies.

I also tried out my sisters Lady Gaga beat headphones, which in my opinion look totally rad ( which she doesn’t know about :D )

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